Shinjeong Development Co., Ltd takes "transparency management" as its top priority in corporate management and corporate activities, and implements the "Ethical Regulations" for transparent and fair and reasonable business activities at all times.

  • Coexistence and management with the persons concerned
  • Compliance with
    Law and Business
  • Completion of
    Corporate Social

1. Company ethics guideline in terms of tangible and intangible assets

  • - Funds implement under the principle of transparency
  • - Protecting company physical assets, intellectual property and sales confidential

2.Employees ethics guideline

  • - Mutual respect among employess
  • - Prohibiion of mutual gifts among employees
  • - Prevention of Sexual harassment at workplace

3.Ethics guideline of offering an improper bribe and donation

  • - Prohibition on inappropriate bribe and donation to the persons concerned
  • - Prohibition on inappropriate bribe and donation from the persons concerned
  • - Report against money, gift and entertainment
  • - Example of behavior criteria by an improper bribe and donation

4.Prohibiton of unfair practices on duty

  • - Prohibition of providing convenience
  • - Prohibition of the demand for debt repayment and guarantee
  • - Prohibition of employee-to-person gifts
  • - Prohibition of borrowing for movable and immovable property
  • - Prohibition of future guarantees
  • - Prohibition of unfair trade